Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to make goo, goop, slime, and/or flubber!

Have you ever wanted to make flubber, goo, goop, or slime? I have and I scoured the web for an easy recipe for goop and I think I found the easiest one possible! The recipe is so simple I think a 3-year old could do it. Maybe not. Well here is the recipe and instructions

Goo, Goop, Slime, and/or Flubber.


Elmers' Glue
Any laundry detergent
Optional: food coloring


Mix the glue and detergent with the food coloring to make a goopy consistancy. Then clean up and play with your goo, goop, slime, and/or flubber!

Hot Potato

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Badgers, Mushrooms!

I'm angry

I'm so angry! So the other day I wanted to watch this movie- The Love Guru so I google it and I click on all of the links and none of them are the actuall movie! Like seriously?! MY GOD! This sucks sooo much and I thought google what supposed to be awesome. It can't even give me a website with the actuall movie! Help me find a link to The Love Guru movie that actually works and is in HD. Please!

Lazy River Funny Prank (HQ)

Funny Video of Taste Test Prank in Busy Mall

Who You Gonna Call?

Baby in my tummy

Baby Givin the evil look!

What little girls say about monsters!

Justing Bieber makes this little girl cry!

Check out this great MSN Video: Bieber Brings Little Girl to Tears

Fish Tank of the future

If you want a really special gadget for a fish lover, but not a gourmand, a person who loves alive fish, in a tank, you can take a look at this Silverfish Aquarium, by Octopus Studios. It has six orbs connected by tubes which I think is a pretty cool design. The producer says it's not very difficult to clean but I think all aquarium lovers know what cleaning six orb aquarius means, plus the tubes.

Friday, May 14, 2010

They did it once and thy've done it again

Now we have the Sharp-end Dog Sharpener. It barks when you sharpen.

The weight watchers' belt

Do you constantly stress over how much you weigh? I know some family member's that do. Now here we have the Weight Watcher's Belt equipped with your own personal weight counter. Never stress again!

Finger Tray

Have you had a dinner party with family and or friends but have had drinks spill because you lost your grip on the tray they were on? Lots of us have don't be embarrassed by it. Now we have to Finger Tray! This tray comes with small finger indents fit just for fingers. Now when serving drinks you'll have to find another excuse as to why you dropped the drink and not just 'It was the tray's fault. It slipped from my hands!' get a life already and think of something better than to blame it on the tray. It wasn't the tray's fault and you know it so man up!

Toothbrush Waterjet

This is a toothbrush with a water jet. How cool is that? Now when you want to brush your teeth you don't have to bend down to rinse your mouth just place the head of the toothbrush under the faucet (back of the head) and it makes a water jet into your mouth. How convenient?

Squishy bowl

This is the Squishy bowl! Put it in your pocket, bellybutton (if it's big enough), laptop bag, backpack and many more places! Plus they pop right back into shape when ready to go.

Spill resitant bowl

This is a cool space influenced bowl that as the title says is spill resistant! No matter how you move it the food won't spill. How awesome! Perfect for little kids on the go.

Solar bird House

If your little birdies want some light in the night I suggest you get the Solar bird house. When the time is right the sunset will activate the batterie and then you will have a solar birdie all through the night.

Post it pen

Time and time again I have something I need to write down but I never have a piece of paper to write it down on. Now I have the Post it pen which comes as a pen with post its for notes on the go.

Space-saving furniture

Ever want more space for your furniture? Now you can pack it up into one big, cool modern shape. It makes 4 chairs and 1 small table.

Space-saving Outlet

This is a space-saver for the cluttered household. It neatly hides and or holds the length of an extension cord that is just in plain sight and you don't want hanging around.

Night Light Slippers

Ever gotten up in the middle of the night not wanting to disturb another person in the room to get a glass of water or navigate to the bathroom? I have and I use the Night Light Slippers. They light up the night with their built-in mini lights. Perfect for seeing through the dark house at night.

The lap kitchen counter

Ever wanted to peel potatoes while taking a bath? Ever wanted to make french fries on the toilet? Now you can with the Lap Kitchen Counter! Slicing and dicing anywhere at anytime. Need to make dinner on the run? No need to fear when the Lap counter is near.

Heated USB gloves

Have you ever had to go out into the winter cold on a job and be slowed down by cold hands? Well if you answered yes I can dig it. Have you ever played on the computer or on the X-box or other consoles and had cold fingers make you lose? I know how it feels. Now we have heated gloves perfect for the chilly game play or e-mailing. Plus they work on phones too. Just plug 'em into a USB port and have heated gloves on your side!

Collapsing Crutches.

The title says it all. These crutches actually collapse for your convenience. Going into your car? Collapse 'em! Now you can go to places and have small cruches which are easy to make instantly portable! And they come in neon green!

Watch your toast

Have you ever put the toast in the toaster for too long and have it come out dark and burnt? I have and I don't like it so I found the Clear Toaster! Now you can see when your toast is perfectly brown and when it's getting a little too dark. I love and I know you will too.

Circle the bird feeder!

This awesome bird feeder is circular and has a circular hole for the bird to enter it. I personally think this is awesome but there are some who don't, haters... But hang this up to make your little birdies feel modern. And to boost the coolness it's clear! Transparent!

Banana carrier #2

This is a banana carrier yes indeed! Look at the minature sizes! It even is shaped like a banana! Plus it has holes so your banana can breath. The mini's are even multicolored for your pleasure. Carry your bananas well my friend.

Banana Carrier #1

This is the Banana Bunker! Store your banana here and keep it fresh! Now when it's in your lunchbox it wont make everything else taste like a rotten banana! YAY!

Singing in the sponge!

This is the Mic Sponge! Ever wanted to sing in the shower and wash yourself at the same time? Now you can with this amazing sponge!

Sharpening with your cat!

Have you ever wanted to keep your cat close while sharpening your pencil? I know I have! Well If you're like me get the new Sharp-end Sharpener! IT COMES IN TWO DIFFERENT COLORS! Wicked White and Burnt Black! Now you can always keep your kitty close!

Has your dog been in any fights lately?

Has your dog been in any fights lately? Well if so get them the new Puppy Armor! It looks like it's from World of Warcraft which makes it even cooler than before! Now in battle your pup will always win. It even has crystals on it for extra bling bling! Buy it today and your pooch won't have a single scratch on 'em! And take a gander at that helmet! What beauty!

Let's your dog see beyond the world of your house!

Let your dog see beyond the limits of your fences and house! Let him see your neighboor's house! With the new and improved Dog Peeker! Let him enjoy the view of his favorite Poodle next door! Or let her look at the new Bulldog next door! They'll thank you forever!


Who made Clubpenguin? They sure are rich that's all I know. I used to be a member until my mom said no more of this membership stuff. Now all I have is stupid stuff. I hate it! Lots of people say that they have a membership without paying for it but they dont. I hate when they say that. Why lie to us? There's no point. I want another membership but my mom wont let me so whatevers. But! I really miss being able to buy the clothes cuz my coins are just piling up! I have like 5,200 coins. Its kinda boring with out a membership so dont get a clubpenguin penguin unless you are gonna pay. My clubpenguin is Keebajeen and my pass word is _______ just kidding I wouldn't tell you my password!

I'm sneaking to blog

I've recently been grounded so I have to sneak to blog!

Facebook Sucks!

Hey can anyone tell me why Facebook is so good? I mean really it's just like Myspace but it's dumber. The only good thing about it is that you can play games. That's it! Nothing better than the games. It's just like Twitter because all you do is post what you're doing and when. No one really wants to know what's going on in you're life except your mom or dad unless you're a celeb! Get over Facebook! It's stupid and has no purpose!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The OFFICIAL "Run This Town" Video

T.I. - Live Your Life (Feat. Rihanna) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Funny names to call people

Here are some funny names to call people
dill weed
rotten potato
butt chin

Gimme more ideas!!!!!

I'm bored...

Give me some ideas of what I should blog about. I'm drawn a blank. I have nothing to blog about so I guess right now I'm blogging about not knowing what to blog, LOL.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Show me how segment on THIS BLOG!

I have a book and it's called SHOW ME HOW. It shows you how to do 500 things. On the cover it says: "500 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW
INSTRUCTIONS FOR LIFE FROM THE EVERYDAY TO THE EXOTIC". I love this book because it has so many random cool things in it and here I will tell you the ones that I think you deserve to know. Like this one:

This is from the section of the book called "make"

#9: sew a spooky voosoo doll

  • Pick an enemy

  • Collect personal items from that person e.g. hair, nails etc...

  • Cut out a doll pattern

  • Trace onto fabric x2

  • Cut out a front and back x2

  • Partially sew the pieces together

  • Stuff with incriminating items

  • Adorn with your enemy's hair

And that's how to make a spooky voodooo doll. Here is the next onegoing along with the voodoo doll theme

#10: use my voodoo doll

* To inflict pain (or pleasure) on your chosen wictim (or the object of your affections), decorate the doll with symbols that correspond to your desires. Then choose a pin and prick the doll in the appropriate symbol. It helps to chant as you cast your spell--just remember to use your powers wisely. Hex away!

That was just a side note and I will provide the symbols and colors of the pins.


Success= yellow

Wealth= green

Spirituality= purple

Pleasure= white

Power= red

Love= blue

Pain= black


Goal= target

Travel= plane

Love= heart

Fertiliy= apple

Protection= umbrella

Money= small circles in random places, nearly close together

Danger= lightning bolt

Enlightenment= star

Enemy nearby= snake

Here is another thing going along with all of this talk of voodoo.

#11: ward off evil with a gris-gris

*Someone working some voodoo on you? Fill this satchel with, no more than 13 objects-- like stones, herbs, or dirt from a graveyard --and use it to keep malevolent forces at bay. If you're female, wear it on your left; if you're male pin it on your right.

Also a sidenote.

  • Cut out a square of red felt.

  • Fill with an odd number of items e.g. herbs, salt, stones or rocks, gems, dirt, or gravel etc...

  • Gather and tie closed.

  • Pin to the inside of your shirt.

Now you can ward off evil with a gris-gris! How super cool! Just remember all of the things I've taught you!